Emergency Plan

Rockland St Mary and Hellington Community Emergency Plan

Severe weather, power failure, loss of water or gas supplies, flooding and infections such as ‘flu can affect a community and depending on the scale of the event, it can be some time before outside help arrives.

This Community Emergency Plan (CEP) combines local knowledge and forward planning to:

  • Help the community help itself before outside assistance arrives
  • Help the community work effectively with emergency responders

Aim and objectives

The aim of this plan is to enhance community resilience.  The objectives are to:

  • Identify hazards within the community
  • Identify resources and key contacts in the community
  • Assist in the identification of the vulnerable people and areas within the community

Emergency co-ordinator roles & responsibilities

Their role is to:

  • Facilitate the completion and maintenance of the Community Emergency Plan (this plan)
  • Call a community meeting during an emergency (if deemed necessary)
  • Provide the focal point for the community response to an emergency
  • Provide a link between the community and other agencies responding, which may include the Emergency Services and the local council
  • Assist the local council and appropriate agencies in emergency preparedness through awareness-raising activities

The Emergency Co-ordinator is Chair of Parish Council, Tony Palframan.

The Deputy Emergency Co-ordinator is Vice Chair of Parish Council, Lydia Kemp.

Local hazard assessment

  • Severe weather – snow, ice, gales, heat wave
  • Total or partial loss of gas, electricity and water supplies
  • Water flooding
  • Loss of road access – usually as a result of severe weather
  • Infection particularly influenza
Hazard Impact on community / Location What can the Community Emergency Group do to prepare / assist?
Severe Weather such as Heavy Snow, Severe Storms with storm damage or flooding
  • Loss of road access particularly at Kirby Bedon
  • If cut off, possible food or heating fuel shortages
  • Check and support vulnerable people
  • Report utility failures to council & relevant utility organisations
  • Report frozen or burst water mains
  • Check location of grit bins (for use on roads, not pavements)
Influenza epidemic
  • Spread of infection to vulnerable children and adults
  • Check and support vulnerable people and ensure they have adequate provisions

Local skills and resources

Skill/Resource Who? Contact details When available?
Medical Rockland Surgery 01508 494343 Monday to Friday 8am to 6.30pm
Medical Dr Palframan 01508 537190
Water/food supplies Village Shop 01508 538229 Monday to Saturday 8am to 8pmSunday 9am to 3pm

Key locations identified for use as places of safety

Building Location Potential use in an emergency Contact details of key holder
Parish Rooms The Street Keith SaxtonMonica Armstrong
Margaret Mack Rooms School Lane 01508 538553

First steps in an emergency

Instructions Tick
1 Ensure you are in no immediate danger
2 Call 999 (unless already alerted) to ensure the emergency services are aware of the emergency. Follow any advice given.
3 Contact other members of the community that need to be alerted:

  • The Parish Council via the Clerk
  • Members of the Emergency Group
  • Those specifically under threat

Contact initially may be to inform them of the emergency or inform them of current Emergency Service advice regarding any action to be taken.

4 Determine if a Community Emergency Meeting is necessary.

External contacts list

Service / Role Telephone number Website / email
Emergency Services 999 Including police, ambulance, fire and rescue and coastguard
Police HQ 101 www.norfolk.police.uk
Fire Service HQ 01603 810351 www.norfolkfireservice.gov.uk
Environment Agency 0845 988 1188 www.environment-agency.gov.uk
Broads Authority 01603 610734 www.broads-authority.gov.uk
Norfolk County Council 0344 800 8020 www.norfolk.gov.uk
South Norfolk Council 01508 533633 www.south-norfolk.gov.uk

External contacts list – continued

Service / Role Additional info Phone number Website / email
Water – Anglian Water 24hr Control 08457 145 145 www.anglianwater.co.uk
Electricity – National Grid Infrastructure. 24hr reporting of hazards on or near overhead electricity lines 0800 40 40 90 www.nationalgrid.com/uk/
Electricity – UK Power Networks Supply interruption. 24hr fault line 0800 783 8838 www.ukpowernetworks.co.uk
Gas – National Grid 24hr emergency number for gas safety 0800 111 999 www.nationalgrid.com/uk
Telephones – British Telecom BT faults and all line faults 151 www.bt.comwww.bt.com/consumerFaultTracking
NHS direct 24hr health advice and information 111 www.nhsdirect.nhs.uk
Rockland Surgery 01508 494343 www.heathgatemedicalpractice.co.uk
Chet Valley Surgery Loddon 01508 520222 www.loddondoctorssurgery.co.uk