Green Lane Playing Field

Thank you to those people who completed and returned the questionnaire about the future of the Green Lane Playing Field in Rockland St Mary.  We received a total of twenty one responses. The responses contained some very interesting information and ideas which will help shape the Parish Council’s thinking on the future of the Playing Field.  Councillor Jim Wretham’s detailed analysis of the responses and recommendations  can be viewed by clicking this link.

The subject was discussed in detail at the Parish Council meeting on 13th June.  It was agreed at that meeting that a preliminary working group should be formed, comprising of Councillors Stephanie Ross-Wagenknecht and Jim Wretham, together with one of Rockland’s parishioners, Clive Olley.  Clive, who is now retired, has a wealth of experience in local government and during his career had specific responsibility for playing fields and parks.  He is, therefore, well placed to provide a level of expertise to the project.

The initial task for the preliminary working group will be to consider all the land ownings in the vicinity of Green Lane and to develop a strategic plan for the area.  The preliminary working group will report back to the Parish Council at the next Parish Council meeting to be held on Monday 11th July at 7.30.  This meeting is, of course, open to the public.

The Parish Council sees this very much as a first stage in the project and that all parishioners will be consulted about specific plans and proposals about the future of the Playing Field.

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