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The Queens 90th Birthday: Celebrate with your Community

In 2016, the Queen will celebrate her 90th Birthday, and this offers a wonderful opportunity to encourage our local communities to celebrate and connect with each other. SNDC will be offering communities grants of up to £400 to help towards the cost of hosting events which will bring people together in aid of this momentous occasion.

Events can take place between 21 April (the actual birthday) and 12 June (the official birthday, and the peak weekend for large scale events taking place across the country).

We want to use these events as an opportunity for residents to find out more about what is going on around them, who their neighbours are and what help they can get from us. The events could be anything from a lunch, a street party, a themed quiz night, bingo with a difference – the list is endless! As long as it is open to, and encourages the community to join in then we can help with funding.

Applications will open at the end of January. Please promote widely in your community – interested groups can contact the Communities Team on 01508 533747 or by emailing communities@s-norfolk.gov.uk for more information.

Big South Norfolk Litter Pick 2016

The Big South Norfolk Litter Pick initiative is due to launch on 1 February, running through until the end of May. South Norfolk Council will provide posters, advice and equipment for any community group that is interested in taking part. We will also provide a collection service for any recyclable or waste litter collected. There are twenty prizes of £200 to be evenly shared across South Norfolk’s five neighbourhood areas. The prize winners will then be randomly drawn from all completed litter picks with the money to be spent on the benefit of the relevant local community. Alongside the £200 prizes, all participating groups will be given £20 to be spent on community benefit. Anyone interested in taking part should send an

email to: ‘litterpick@s-norfolk.gov.uk’ or call 01508 533696.

Consultation – Draft Community Assets Strategy

A strategy has been developed to guide the direction of the management of our ‘non-commercial’ assets over the next 5 years. We manage over 120 open spaces, 60 play areas, over 1000 footway lights, cemeteries, trees on council land and have responsibility for several commons, amongst other things. We are looking at less resource intensive, more diverse and innovative ways of managing these assets into the future. The draft strategy proposes, a progressive realignment of management, increasing the involvement of the local community to help shape and cede control of assets, and reducing the intensity of management to increase biodiversity, etc. The draft strategy is now subject to a 6 week consultation (until 29 February) and will be sent to every parish for comment.

If you would like to discuss or comment please contact Andy Sheppard, Community Assets Leader on asheppard@s-norfolk.gov.uk

Ward Boundary Review

This is as well as the Parish Boundary Review.

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) will be undertaking a review of the District Ward Boundaries for South Norfolk Council as we have variances of over 10% in the number of electors, in some of our District Wards. The LGBCE is independent of government and political parties, and are directly accountable to Parliament through the Speakers Committee.  They are responsible for reviewing local authority electoral arrangements, administrative boundaries and structure. Their recommendations for this review will be implemented by Parliament.  For further details on the LGBCE please visit https://www.lgbce.org.uk/

The South Norfolk Council website will have a page set up closer to the beginning of the review, to assist our residents in finding information on the review and how to get involved with the consultation via the LGBCE which begins on the 28th June 2016.


District Warding Patterns Consultation Starts  28th June 2016 – 5th September 2016

Draft recommendations consultation 8th November 2016 – 9th January 2017

Final Recommendations published 14th March 2017

Implementation at the District Elections in May 2019

Grants available to help people living with dementia

Grants to assist people living with dementia maintain a safe, decent and warm home, keep their independence and prevent or delay the need for their admission to residential care, are being promoted by South Norfolk Council. “Forget Me Not” grants are to help pay for adaptations to homes making the environment more dementia friendly so if you think a grant could help you or someone you know please get in touch with our Independent Living Team.” The work covered includes: changes to lighting, changes to flooring and wall colours, changes to facilities, such as contrasting toilet seats, to fixtures and fittings and for putting in safety equipment, including the replacement of old appliance with modern ones containing safety features. The grant can also be used to fund assistive technology. This could be: motion sensors, Water level monitors, alarm systems and any assistive technology which can increase the independence of a person living with dementia. To be eligible for a grant the customer must have: a diagnosis of dementia, be undergoing assessment for diagnosis of dementia or be receiving dementia related support from a recognised service provider. Applications for the grants can come from either: customers and carers, who can apply directly, from health and social care professionals, housing and support services or family and friends. Customers must be residents of the South Norfolk Clinical Commissioning Group area and the home the grant is requested for must be the customer’s main residence. Referrals are made by contacting the Independent Living Team at South Norfolk Council and a short referral form is completed for each case. Following referral and confirmation of eligibility a South Norfolk Council Handy Person will visit the home to assess what work needs completing and provide a quote. The amount payable by the resident, if appropriate, will be agreed. The quote will then be given to South Norfolk Council for the grant funding to be released. Customers that are in receipt of a means tested benefit can receive support with 100% of the costs of the necessary adaptations up to the value of £1000. Customers that are not in receipt of a means tested benefit can receive 50% of the costs of necessary adaptations up to the value of £1000 meaning the maximum grant for someone not on a means tested benefit is £500. For more information call South Norfolk Council’s Independent Living Team on 01508 533705 or email independentlivingteam@s-norfolk.gov.uk


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