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  •  At the Parish Council Meeting on the 14th November 2016 District Councillor Vic Thomson  told the meeting  that an  important part of the process of preparing the Greater Norwich Local Plan is to identify sites which might have the potential for development to meet required needs. Councillor Thomson emphasised that it does not mean that these sites have been accepted only proffered at this stage.  For further information of the details given by District Councillor Vic Thomson please click here.   To access the call for sites map which may have an impact on this area please click here. This matter will be discussed further at the Parish Council Meeting on the 12th December 2016.

  • A competition will be held next year for the best floral tub.  Details to follow in the next edition of the Eleven Says

In accordance with audit requirements it is necessary to publish  and display the Notice of Conclusion of Audit and Right to Inspect the Annual Return for the year ending 31st March 2016.  To see the relevant Notice please click here

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